Saturday, 21 July 2012

More songs

Today I went to an inspiration day. It wasn't in my chapter, but I happened to lilac with the vice action chief on Thursday and she invited me to go anyway.

It was a lovely meeting, featuring a lecture by the Men's Area leader on "making the impossible possible", two great experiences and (and here we go to the point of this post) a short entertainment provided by a Young Man. First he sang a song he composed and then his favourite SGI song "March towards the 21st century".

Sunday, 15 July 2012

Sokas and Lilacs part the second (aka The Revenge)

If you have read a couple of posts here you know, but if you just happened to stumble on this blog today, I'll just tell you that I'm a bit obsessed about the whole topic of being a Lilac.

As a matter of fact the whole concept of this blog started with the post "It's not lilac-like" taking shape in my brain, and myself realising that my then blog was not the right place to post it.

So it seems fitting that the first request for a post would be on the topic of lilac-ing.

As I mentioned in that post, I had to do some research into the matter to write the requested article, because I pretty much didn't have a clue.

The anonymous commenter was happy with the result, which is all that matters really, but there was one little thing that kept nagging me. I managed to get a very clear picture of the different roles of Sokas and Lilacs (thanks to the Sokas I stalked, mostly), but I was still in the dark as to WHY things were this way.

So, when the other day I found myself at a Q&A session with the National Lilac leader, I couldn't resist, and asked.

Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Buddhahood-tinted spectacles

Not all my experiences have to be about deep, life changing stuff.
Nichiren Buddhism is real life, and real life is about little things as well as big and profound things.
Sure, with this Buddhism a chinwag with some girlfriends ends up being about transmigration and how to escape the endless cycle of birth and death, but it's not all philosophy.

So, let's talk about this little thing that happened to me today.

Sunday, 1 July 2012

Sokas and Lilacs

I have recently gone through quite a dry spell in my blogging. In Italian we call it "blocco dello scrittore", or writer's block. 

Then the other day an anonymous made the following comment:
I'm interested in how the Lilac role that the women plays differs from the Soka role that the men play. I'd love to hear more about this if you'd consider writing something.

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